Thursday, July 24, 2014


Gabriel Rios - Gold (Thomas Jack Remix)

calender week 29

A little late is better than never.


Productive? No...

...I needed coffee.

Or a run. Or both.




I had the first interview for my master thesis.

Coffee time/celebarting Vanessa´s birthday, which was on Monday.

Home group.


Yogurette and marshmallow.

Presentation of the movies the students of cultural studies made this semester.


I attended the second half of the weekend seminar.

It was a really hot day and I went to the open air bath in the evening witht a few girls.

 Mini sandals or huge tennis ball?


36 degress celsius and it got even hotter...

Last day of the seminar.

Dark chocolate and yoghurt mango.

Pre-open air bath.




I made smth.

SMD summer party.

Lot´s of good food.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

#throwbackthursday: stuck in reverse.

When you feel so tired but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse 

The date on the picture is wrong. It was 2008 and Viva la Vida had just been published in Germany.

I am lying in my bed, my new bed. Chris Martin sings gently to me, the earplugs in my ears are ment to help me forgetting that I am not at home anymore and that I don´t have to be nervous. I´m tired, but I can´t sleep. The room is light, not dark. It´s the sun, which will never really set during summer. The flight, which took longer than expected, is still sitting in my bones.
I´ve just met my host parents, I got to see the house and the room which is from now on mine. I´ve already unpacked and put my clothes into the dresser. I couldn´t wait with it.

It´s my first night in my new bed, about 1.100 km from home. I have just graduated from school and am now  going to stay in Norway for a whole year. As an Au Pair. I´ll look after to two little girls, I haven´t met them yet. Tomorrow morning I will. "Viva la vida", the album by Coldplay, is on it´s way to become the soundtrack of this next step in my life, at least it´s start.

High up above or down below
When you're too in love to let it go
But if you never try you'll never know
Just what you're worth

Monday, July 14, 2014


insane in da membrane
insane in the brain
insane in da membrane
insane in the brain

If Mary dropped my baby girl tonight, I would name her Rock´n´Roll.
push it, push it
just push it real good

I feel so empty today, as my motivation is on a ride on a rollercoaster and I just don´t know what to do with myself. I can´t find the words I need in order to write on my master thesis and I can´t find the little extra it needs to get it done. I could have stayed in my bed forever this morning. But I had to get up, because I was so thirsty and the addict in me craved coffee.  

My flatmate´s boyfriend stays with us, I guess he´ll help her packing. She moves out next Saturday. That I already have found someone to follow her footsteps makes everything a lot easier for me right now. It was a little shock when I got to know that Henrike wanted to move out in the middle of the semester. However, that´s not exactly helping me with the thesis. This is so frustrating right now. I don´t want to complain, as I should be happy over the fact that I actually get to write a master thesis, but I´m doing it away. 

I´m trying to get back together with my old mantra: “I know I can.”
I can do what I want and I can make it alone.

Peace out.

calender week 28


I picked up my new identity card and the queue was longer than expected. So  I draw a number and organized coffee.

When I arrived was F11 the highest number on the board, so I waited a while...


 I didn´t want to do anything.

My to-do list.

It was the day of the game against Brazil...

...and I met my future flatmate.

 Salad for lunch. ;)


The early morning hours.

 I spent most of the day in the library, but it wasn´t very effective. I felt empty and wasn´t motivated.


Later did I meet with my home group.


 Home office.

The magazine I´m subscribing (Maxi) was in the mailbox and a bottle of essie nailpolish came with it.

In the afternoon did I skate through town, towards the train station. I picked up my future flatmate and we spent the afternoon together, so we could get to know each other better.

We had ice cream and talked, discovered that we have a few things in common and got along really well.

In the evening did Henrike and I go to the movies. We saw "Einmal Hans mit scharfer Soße", a German movie.



A girl brought her handbag to the library.  Ok...

No escape. ;)

In the evening did I bike to the harbor. It´s a very small one.

It was my friend´s birthday and he ordered Pizza for everyone. Delicious.

It was a full moon.

We stayed there until long after midnight.




Wrapping gifts.

My friend Naja celebrated her birthday in the park by the local lake, I didn´t bring my phone. So, no pictures from that. But it was a really fun time, with barbecue and chilling in the sun. In the evevning did we go to a bar and my phone was with me again. ;)

We watched the game for the third place.


 I made a little trip.

Actually, I climbed a church tower.

In the meantime did Hermann rise in my kitchen.

I made a variation of my beloved cinnamon rolls.

And then did I get ready for the big game.

Before the game started did everyone believe that everything would go really fast.

The more time went by, the more could I feel the pressure in the crowd.

Finally Goetze released us from the pressure. A neverending party started right away. Ok, it ended sometime.

Me and my friends craved fried food, so we got kebab and french fries.

Tasted a lot better than it looks like...

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