Tuesday, August 26, 2014

who you choose.

At one point did I stop to chase what society and magazines were, and are still, preaching: be perfect, be skinny, don´t fall out of your roll. I discovered that chasing that ideal never gave me anything but the feeling not to be good enough. I´m more the Bridget Jones type, you know. ;) So, basically I gave up on my old roll models, the girls I wanted to be like so badly. And it felt good, to my surprise.

After a while did I discover that I wasn´t the only one, that there are more women who are politic nerds and interested in feminism, longboarding and not fitting in - but wearing pretty dresses at the same time. Who don´t have the desire to make others guilty over their food choices. Unfortunately did I first meet some of them in person, and could hang with them, when I was in university. Before that was the internet one huge source of inspiration. I simply made my choice and skipped all the content that would pull me down.

I know some of my role models in person, others I don´t. Doesn´t matter. Their existence makes me feel better and less reserved when it comes to celebrate the fabulous myself. A celebration I first dared to make, after I skipped all the pressure.

calender week 34 - when I got hiking boots and chased the sun.

Master thesis had to be worked on.

Typical weather in August.



Not really the right pony for me.

I went back home in the afternoon.

This is a Mini Zimtwuppi and it´s delicious. I always get a Zimtwuppi when I come by that bakery.

I thought, only few people would be in the trains. I was wrong.


Corner of my mind.

Home group. Sometimes also a culinary experience.

My flatmate´s birthday.


Lot´s of her relatives came over in the afternoon and we had a good time.


 One of a kind tomato.

Another birthday, another birthday child.

Mario was there too.

Saturday morning scene.

Coffee? Please. Thanks. My friend Vanessa and I went shopping together.

I know I said there is shopstop for me during all August. But I´m going to hike in the north of Spain in September and needed good shoes. You have start early enough with breaking them in, so I got them now. And also found pants on sale, didn´t want to let that opportunity go.

We had lunch and I orderd a starter. It was so much, I never would have managed to eat a main course afterwards. Vanessa had a salad and we shared.

Almost ready.

This might the pony for me. They have weels under their feet and you can really ride them. I saw them in the basement floor of a shopping mall and lot´s of little girls rode the small ones. One mother rode a big one.

Surching the sun.

There it is.


#latergram. Finally it´s fall and I like it.

Yeah. I walked home from church and suddenly the sole of my right shoe came off.  Without warning. I carried both shoes for the rest of the way, with the shoes on it would have taken ages. It was warm enough. People gave me awkward stares. Of course.

Strudeldidudeldidudeldidu. I made apple strudel.

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