Friday, September 26, 2014

Camino pictures, part 1.

In the middle of September did I finally get to make a trip abroad and got away from home and my master thesis and everything else. I spent the days in Spain, walking on the famous Camino de Santiago.

I was with a group of seven women and we walked the last 100km, from Sarria to Santiago.

The pictures are taken with my phone, because I didn´t want to carry my big camera with me.

Finding our way by following the yellow arrows.

 The bridge to Portomarín.

Spanish beer.

Street art can be found everywhere, even on the Camino in the Spanish countryside.

I´m a fan of Spanish toast now.

I really took little clothes we me and washed the clothes I´d been wearing all day in the albergues daily, so I´d always have smth dry and clean to wear.

 Some of our backpacks.

Evening light in Arzúa.

We mostly had good weather, I could always wear a t-shirt. But it also rained a few times.

Coffe break. The price for a cup of coffee was too good. Usually about 1€ for a cup.

More pictures to come...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


my town´s painted.

See the layers of paint, so thick, they come off in pieces.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunday, September 21, 2014

el camino.

I´ve been absent for a while, travelling Europe. I walked on the Camino de Santiago and forgot about university for a while.

Now I am back and work needs to be done. I´m much more confindent now and really enjoyed the little hiatus.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

things I never regreted buying.

It´s not that I´m a hoarder. But I have a lot of things. I´m not a minimalist when it comes to decoration and interior. I collect things, I buy things just for having them and it is simply really easy to trick me into buying the small, pretty stuff. Decoration, kitsch, apparel. I have most likely already bought smth before you could even name it. I like to have. I also have a hard time to let go. I keep magazines I got years ago and never ever look at.

It came to mind that I really have a lot I don´t actually use or really need, when I asked myself the question, which of my belongings I never have never regereted buying. The list is almost shockingly short, at least to me, when I compare it to the total number of things I own.

To give an example, we could look at my nail polish. I have lot´s of bottles and everytime a new person comes into my room they comment on that. I know that it´s a lot. I like to use nail polish once in a while and a new shade is always tempting. But I have bottles which were never opened. Most of them were used once. And that´s the point. How many polishes would I need if I wanted to paint my nails? One. 
Now I have all of these and I do sometimes regret that I invested money into them.

I questioned my own consumer behaviour and came to the result that I have to stop getting more and more. Recently did the back of my clost come off, because I have too many clothes in there and I had a hard time to push it back in. It was a sign. If I want to live a more evironment friendly, and cheaper, live do I have to stop. I don´t want to take part in the wasting of basic materials which I dislike so much when others do it. Therefore did I install a voice in my head which helps me to reconsider before I pay.

Now, what are the things I never regreted buying? These are the only things which spontaneously came to my mind:

1. My tablet computer. I got it last year and use it daily now. It helps to save livetime of my laptop, which runs a lot, and is easier to take on trips.

2. My wrist watch. I bought the watch back in 2008, when I was an Au Pair and had to be on time. I feel naked without it and buy new wrist bands when the old one comes off or is generally too old. It is the only wrist watch I have right now.

3. My water bottle. I got this after starting in the master program and stopped buying bottled water. One of the items I use the most.

4. My shorts. I can only use these during summer, still I never regreted buying them. Because when it is warm do I either wear these or dresses. All summer long.

5. My good knife. This is a very good kitchen knife, no one else but me is allowed to use it or to clean it. It was the most expensive one I could afford back then, it´s not a high class one though.

6. My coffee maker. Do I even have to explain why I never regreted buying that one? I´m very happy about it every morning.

7. My tools. I have used all these tools so often now. I don´t need help when it comes to fixing small things, building furnitures or installing a washing machine and I´m proud of that.

So, seven things. I didn´t consider items I got as a gift or didn´t pay for myself.

Have you really regreted to have bought every single other item, you might ask. No. Definitely not the food. Not the trips I made. But every time when it comes to my mind that I never use a certain item, do I know that I shouldn´t have bought it in the first place. It´s even worse when I discover that I have smth and totally forgot I have that.

What am I going to do now, with the plenty I got? For now, I´ll keep it. And start to get rid of it little by little. And not replace it, of course.

Which are the things you never regreted buying?

women´s tales #8.

Miranda July for Miu Miu

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